Visit Budongo Forest Reserve on a Uganda Wildife Safari

Visit Budongo Forest Reserve on a Uganda Wildife Safari

The Budongo forest reserve is a large track virgin tropical forest on the southern fringes of Murchison falls national park. Its main attractions are the chimpanzees and the 366 species of birds, but a huge mahogany tree are also worth a look. It’s a great add-on to your self drive safari to Murchison Falls National Park visit.

Activities that to do in the Budongo Forest Reserve include;

Chimpanzee tracking: Chimpanzees tracking in Budongo is done daily and you have a good chance of finding the chimps, though it’s not guaranteed. The walking is easy as the terrain is level, and walks last for two hour to four hours. Once you find the chimps, you get to spend one hour with them.

Forest Walks: These worthwhile forest walks pass through East Africa’s last remaining mahogany forest. The largest specimens are 60m tall and 300 years old. Black-and-white colobus monkeys and duikers are commonly seen.

Bird watching walks: Budongo forest has over 366 bird species providing an ultimate bird watching opportunity. Those here for bird watching usually seek Puvel’s Illadosis, which isn’t known anywhere in East Africa. Other highly sought species are the rofous-sided broad-bill and the white-naped pigeon.

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