5 reasons why self-driving through Uganda may be your best trip yet

car rental5 reasons why self-driving through Uganda may be your best trip yet

Traveling through Uganda can be an incredible experience. This is a country that contains some of the least inhabited and most romanticized locations in traveler lore: Kidepo Valley with the vast population of spectacular wildlife, Murchison Falls which are the strongest waterfalls in the world, the Source of the Nile River in Jinja and Bwindi Forest National Park, home to more than half of World’s Mountain Gorillas.

To see the best of the country, don’t restrict yourself to public transport. Pack that gas bottle and stove, step into your 4×4 car rental and hit the road – just don’t forget that spare tyre (or two).

Here are seven reasons why self-driving around Uganda is the raw wilderness experience you have always wanted.

1. There’s endless freedom

Your worldly possessions are on the back seat. Your home is now a tent folded onto the roof rack. There aren’t any other human beings for miles and your world is packed up in your vehicle.

But look beyond your confines and a vast open plain swells out to the horizon in front of you, dotted with herds of wildlife and birds. It’s all yours to explore.

2. You get to discover it all on your own terms

How many times have you driven past an interesting looking side road, only to see it hurtle by while you’re trapped on a bus driving at death defying speed along its set route?

Self-driving in Uganda gives means no more succumbing to others’ itineraries or missing that fantastic photo opportunity. Your itinerary is entirely flexible, opening up experiences you may never have had on a tour.

3. You don’t have to go far for adventure

When self-driving in Uganda, you have to enter a national park to have a good chance of spotting wildlife.

Explore Queen Elizabeth National park with abundant wildlife including, herds of elephants, buffalo, antelopes and the astonishing tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector is surely one of the most mind-bending travel experiences.

4. Even the campsites are stunning

Camping in Uganda makes for some exciting nights in your tent into a cramped corner or tripping over guy ropes in the middle of the night, the campsites here are somewhat more remote. Most of Uganda’s National park have gazetted places for camping sometimes in the middle of the bush, near the lake/river.

5. The wildlife watching is easy

Uganda is one of the few countries in Africa where you can safari solo. Self-driving in Murchison falls or Queen Elizabeth National Park is a unique opportunity to encounter colossal quantities of animals without the services of a guide.

Get up early, get into your safari vehicle and follow the trail. The animals will gradually appear from the surrounding plains and give you a window into their lives.

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