The best Safari Cars Hire In Uganda

rent-car-blogThe best Safari Cars Hire In Uganda

Going on safari in Uganda this season, then you should consider the best possible car that can handle the tough park terrain, weather conditions and offer you all the comfort you need on your road trip to any of the national parks and tourist attractions. There are a variety of 4X4 safari cars in Uganda customized to make sure you enjoy every bit of your adventure without any inconveniences.

Below are the best safari rental cars available for a guided or self drive trip in Uganda.

Toyota Rav4

If you looking for small , comfortable car that can handle the tough terrain, Toyota Rav4 is the best choice, it’s regarded as one of the most efficient and cheapest Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) for hire in Uganda carrying a maximum of 5 passenger including driver. This small stylish 2/4 door car is very good at economizing fuel with adequate cargo space in rear. The 4 wheel drive mechanism coupled with affordability has made it the most demanded rental car for tourists interested in park safaris as well as city tours.

Safari Land Cruiser

The 8-seater safari land cruiser is customized for sightseeing safaris in Uganda’s wilderness. The 4×4 safari car rental has a pop-up roof, comfortable leather cloth seats and adequate seat row and cargo space. This is the best safari car suitable for camping, sight-seeing trip in one of the various popular Uganda safari destinations,

Safari Mini-Van

The 8-seater safari mini-van is customized with a pop-up roof, MP3/CD/ DVD player plus adequate luggage space, it’s a vehicle that will definitely give you, your travel buddies and family for the best safari experience in Uganda.

Land Cruiser Prado

The Land cruiser TX & GX can accommodate up to 5 passengers, air-conditioned with MP3/CD/DVD player. Equipped with a strong diesel engine and 4 wheel drive mechanism, this ranks among the best cars for safari in Uganda. The car has comfortable seats, spacious luggage space in the rear and roof top, this is definitely a perfect vehicle if you wish to travel to a national park for wildlife trip, gorilla trekking, camping, city excursion or special occasions.

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