Great Reasons To have your Honeymoon On the Ssese Islands

double-bed-brovad-sandsGreat Reasons To have your Honeymoon On the Ssese Islands

Couples looking for a Uganda honeymoon destination that offers scenery so breathtaking it’s hard to believe it could possibly be real will find Ssese islands delivers in a very big way.

While more than a little off the beaten path for honeymoons, there are some compelling reasons why Ssese islands makes a tremendous destination choice. When an incredible adventure that is like none other is desired, this place will not disappoint. Here are just three of many reasons why Ssese Island is an excellent choice for a stunningly romantic honeymoon:

  • That landscape – Honeymooners here will find the landscape is not only romantic, but also awe inspiring. Ssese Islands simply offers the perfect backdrops for honeymoon adventures that are like nothing else.
  • The things to do – Ssese Islands is the perfect backdrop for a diversity of adventures. From swimming and canoe ride to quad biking, outdoors lovers will be right at home here. Those who prefer a more adventure will discover destinations, such as the Bidco palm oil plantations, visit other islands, deliver plenty of things to do. This breathtaking island comprise of 84 archipelagos which rich in cultural history. Here honeymooners will find romantic dining, bonfire, bird-life, among other attractions.
  • The resort – Brovad Sands Lodge don’t skip a beat in the service department. Here honeymooners will find highly romantic, private escapes that capitalize on that landscape while offering luxury appointments throughout. Visitors to Brovad Sands Lodge; Ssese islands’ best resort will find gourmet dining, onsite amenities and pampering go along with the package.

Ssese island is a hidden gem that offers honeymooners an experience like none other. While a little off the beaten path, these islands delivers stunning landscapes, an incredible assortment of things to see and do and access to world-class accommodations. To find out more about booking an adventure to Ssese Islands of Uganda, just consult with our honeymoon travel planners for ideas, when to go and what to see via or call +256 701 367 970.