Getting Around and About on Uganda safari

car hire

Today, even the remotest regions of Uganda can be reached. If driving yourself, it is recommended that you seek local advice on the duration of a journey, the most appropriate route, and type of vehicle to use while the four-wheeled drive vehicles are the best for most rural terrains and protected area safaris. Fuel stations are available in all main towns and on many major routes but most advisable to fill up in the city. When driving long distances it is advisable to take spare fuel, and to confirm the location of fuel stations. A Uganda road map is essential for a successful road trip in Uganda. The following are the ways how you can get around and about Uganda.

Car Hire in Uganda
this is the best alternative for getting around Uganda due to high level of flexibility and freedom. Majority of the cars are right hand drive, and drivers keep to the left on the road. Drivers require a recognized international drivers’ license. Some Uganda car rental companies offer chauffer driven cars only. Those offering self-drive cars may require the driver to be aged between 23 to 70 years, and have held a valid driving license for a minimum of anywhere between 12 months and two years. Other requirements may include insurance, identification documents and health certificates. Rates may be worked out based on monthly, weekly, daily or unlimited mileage terms.

Taxis are available at the airport, and in all main towns though some are labeled and others are not. Confirm the fare before setting off as the fares are not regulated by mileage meters as seen in most western countries. Consult your hotel or travel agent on the genuine Taxi service provider.

Minibus and Matatu Services.

There are many minibuses and matatus commonly known as taxis licensed to carrying 14 passengers. Fares are fixed and vehicles leave once full. Minibuses and matatus especially operate short distances and long distances are left for buses/coaches. For long distances, you may be required to cut a ticket at a booking office while for short distances; a conductor will take the fare on the go. Remember to confirm with the driver or conductor if the bus or minibus is the right one for your route!

Rail Services
The service is not fully in operation though operates passenger services between Kampala and Namanve in near Mukono town eastern of Kampala. The train operates only in twice a day, that is; morning and evening. The service is to be upgraded in the near future to operate in more destinations. The rail services are not recommended for people who not familiar with the locations.

Mv Kalangala Ferry to the Ssese Islands operated everyday starting the journey from Nakiwogo in Entebbe, Uganda departing at exactly 2:00pm and dock at 05:30pm in Ssese . It takes about 3½ hours to reach Bugala Island where most of the resort hotels in Ssese islands are located. Paraa Ferry to the northern part of Murchison falls National Park operates everyday with an hour interval.

Light Aircraft
Some towns and national parks, have airstrips suitable for light planes. Air taxi and charter services are available.

Motorbikes, tuk-tuk and bicycles.
For those who wants to experience an African safari ride through Motorbikes [locally known as Boda-Boda], tuk-tuk, bicycles, they are readily available in all towns but tuk-tuk can only be got in Kampala city.

Basing on the above form of transport means available, you can choose any for your Uganda tour by contacting us through or call our hotline +256-701367970 for more information.