Reasons as to why a Uganda Safari should be included on your Africa Safari

kidepoExcitement overwhelms some people when vacation time comes. “It’s here finally”, that how the younger ones say. The moment when one can relax on the beach and or go mountains hiking or visit thunderous falls has come. It’s more fun when it’s a bucket list adventure.

Uganda has earned a reputation to have some of the world’s bucket list activities, the once in a life time Adventure. Though they may be a little what expensive but once undertaken they are worth it. It gives you a story to tell in your old ages or to your friends at school or at work.

Uganda may be a small country and also landlocked but it this small country that is home to Africa’s largest fresh water Lake (Lake Victoria) which is the source of the World’s longest Rivers (River Nile) whose course takes 90 days to reach the mouth in the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt. On it is various water games that one should not at any one moment miss out while on a safari in Uganda. These include White water Rafting, Kayaking, Bungee jumping a visit to the source of the Nile and a photo while taking a Nile Special Beer (A true reward from the Source) on a Jinja Tour.

Uganda is also famous for its erosive Mountain Gorillas that have for decades left the visitors speechless on how gentle these Africa giants can be. Uganda is home to nearly have of the remaining mountain gorillas and its where one can do a rewarding Adventurous mountain gorilla tracking in the impenetrable forests of Bwindi in South Western Uganda.

Besides that Uganda occupies 93,065 sq mi but yet rich in culture. In her settlements, Uganda welcomed more than 10 ethnic groups of people in it carrying more than 60 with each one speaking a different language making Uganda one of the richest cultural country in Africa and hence a cultural destination with cultural tourist sites scatted all over the country starting from Uganda’s capital city Kampala
Uganda offers more than a mere mouth can say because it’s also a bird watching destination with over 1000 bird species check list.

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