Tip when choosing an Airport Transfer Service in Uganda.

If you are travelling to Uganda you are not a regular visitor, you will definitely need someone to meet you at the airport, help you with the luggage, answer all your queries and also transport you to your hotel or residence.  Remember Kampala is the busiest and most crowded towns in U

ganda hence getting around can be very difficult especially if it’s your first time in the country.  Public transportation like taxis may be cheaper but are not safe and convenient as the private cars.  When you book an airport transfer with a car rental agency or taxi company, be assured of first class service and excellent customer care service.  It  can be had choosing which company has the best price and services but these tips will help you make the right decision when looking for transportation form an airport to hotel;/ residence and back.


 Early booking

You should always try to book the services in time in order for the driver to pick you up on time and get you at your hotel/ destination in time.  Most companies request for deposit which you should always take seriously because this money will confirm rrese4rvation of the car + driver hence you don’t have to worry about being stranded at the airport when you arrive.

Company reputation

Go online and research about the company you wish to book with, read about past client reviews, special offers and rental rates to get an insight about who you are dealing with.  Websites like Google and Trip advisor are two of the best sources of customer reviews for anyone wishing to learn more about a company, hotel or attraction.  Read through before you even inquire because this will help you in making your final decision and save you the stress of send to multiple agencies.

Type of Rental Car

Before you even think of sending an inquiry to the company, it always advisable to determine what type car you will be using which is determined by the number of people travelling.  Sedan cars like a taxi cab a ideal for two to three people where as a Mini-Van is ideal car for 5 to 8 passengers. Large groups of up to 30 people can use the coaster bus.  Determine the number of people who require the airport transfer and start researching about which car suits you best.

Service Price

After you have determined the type of vehicle you wish to use, you can then start comparing prices offered by different companies online to get the best deal possible. At Rentacaruganda.com, we offer cheap transportation from Entebbe airport to Kampala city for as low as US$ 35 per transfer based on private car or taxi cab and charge US$ 150 per transfer for a large group – (20 to 30 pax).


Flight & Hotel Details

Last but not least, make sure you indicate your flight details (arrival / departure time) plus the hotel/ residence where you want to be transported to.  This very crucial because it ensures you are picked up on time and dropped off at the hotel on time getting the superb customer service you deserve.

Are you in need of an airport transfer from Entebbe to Kampala city, get in touch with us through info@rentacaruganda.com or call us now on +256-701367970