Rent A Car In Uganda For You Self-Drive Tour Around Entebbe


Entebbe is a pleasant town in Uganda that most see as the place where one arrives or departs the Pearl of Africa at Uganda’s the International airport. Entebbe town is a place from where you can explore the various parks, places, islands, the Uganda national zoo (Uganda Wildlife Education Centre-UWEC) among others at your own pace with Car Rentals Uganda. Entebbe has a pleasant climate with the best location on the shores of Lake Victoria and you can access various choice destinations from here, most of them with a self-drive, or boat ride, now even by plane or helicopter.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens: It is often referred to as one of the original Tarzan movies was made here due to great nature at this place where you can spend a half or full day. You will love the flowers, trees, plants, birds, monkeys found here.  Best time is during the week when it is not busy here and there are less people and more of nature to enjoy Entebbe Botanical Gardens.

Uganda Reptile Village: Get up close to some of the world’s deadliest snakes, including cobras and vipers, as well as chameleons, crocs and lizards, all which are rescued or injured. It’s around 3km off the Entebbe–Kampala road, about a 20-minute drive from Entebbe.

Uganda Wildlife Educational Center (UWEC): UWEC commonly known as the national zoo is a great place to relax and walk around – located along Lake Victoria – you can take an afternoon mini-safari here and enjoy the vegetation, plants and trees found in Uganda at the same time. You can even schedule a morning personal encounter with the chimpanzees.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary: Ngamba Chimpanzee Island (chimpanzee orphanage) is one of the places that is inclusive on the Uganda safari packages offering spectacular hands-on experience with the habituated chimps. You can stay overnight here and enjoy the Island and chimpanzees and have an interactive experience with the chimpanzees and watch them during feeding times.  Accessing the Island is has become easier than ever before due to the chatter flights to the Island.

Lake Victoria: Lake Victoria is the largest water lake in Africa shared by three East African countries namely; Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda with the vast part of the lake. Lake Victoria surrounding Entebbe offers a great fishing opportunities and a chance to catch the large Nile Perch, Tilapia or other freshwater fish.

Mabamba Swamp: The Mabamba Swamps west of Entebbe is one of the best and most convenient places to see the elusive Shoebill. After a few minutes in a small canoe the papyrus reeds opens up into a flat grassy wetlands where a number of Shoebill can regularly be seen. The bird is easiest seen in the morning when they stalk their main prey, the mudfish or frogs, but may be spotted all day. They may stand absolutely still for long periods awaiting the movements of their prey and then suddenly strike with a marvelous speed. Although one can reach Mabamba by road we highly recommend the boat tour across Lake Victoria. Reaching Mabamba by boat, rather than by car, gives you an opportunity to see many of the birds that you may otherwise miss. Sometimes even the shoebill may elude you in the canoes only to be seen as you approach, or leave, by the bigger boat. Mabamba Swamp the Best Place for Shoebill Storks in East Africa.

Snake Park: Short drive from Entebbe you will find the Snake Park; most likely you will not see many snakes during your time in Uganda, but at the Snake Park you can make up for that – lots of vipers to see here. The Snake Park is located right next to the shores of Lake Victoria where one can go with the family and especially the young ones who you would love to show wildlife and possibly enjoy the strolling along the beach over the lake.

Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria: From Entebbe you can explore the Ssese Islands – voted as one of the best hidden Island Chain in the world.  You can boat, fish, and take nature walks, visit villages and best of all it is only a short ride by boat from Entebbe. Ssese Islands – the world of its own.

Zika Forest: this is the place where the Zika Virus was discovered in 1947. Zika Forest offers great opportunity for bird watching, pretty of Butterflies, various species of monkeys.  Fortunately there is no more Zika virus in Uganda.

Entebbe is a lovely city with its markets and busy town center with a magnificent location on the shores of Lake Victoria which harbors the Ssese Islands. Most drive though it on the way from or to Entebbe International Airport, but a few discover the many treasures that are found here.  One could easily spend a few days in Entebbe along Lake Victoria.

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