Explore Gulu and Kidepo Valley National Park in your northern Uganda safari


Gulu District is located in Northern Uganda and borders South Sudan in the strategic cross-border transit area of the great North road through Nimule to Northern Africa. Besides South Sudan, the District borders Amuru, Kitgum, Oyam, and Pader.

The district is blessed with a number of tourist attractions and sites that will give an amazing northern Uganda experience on your Uganda self-drive trip or guided tour.

Karuma Falls: The western part of Karuma falls is located in Gulu district and the eastern part in Apac while the southern part is in Masindi. The designs of the proposed underground electricity dam to be built there indicate minimal disruption with the visible nature of the falls. Thus the falls which already have tourist campsites on the southern bank in Masindi.

Sir Samuel Baker’s Fort: The Fort is located 30 kilometers from Gulu town in Ajulu parish. Constructed as a slave collection centre, the Fort was taken over by Sir Samuel Baker in 1872 to 1888, before it became headquarters for Emin Pasha and Gordon, the respective Governors of the then Equatorial Province of the British Protectorate.

Amoro Hot Spring: The Amoro Hot spring is located about 35 kilometres from Gulu town. The hot spring covers an area of about 100 square metres and is the largest found in northern Uganda. The hot spring’s surrounding landscape is suitable for developing campsites and excursion grounds.

Hill Climbing: There are a number of isolated hills in the Gulu that offer opportunity for hill climbing. These include: Kilak, Ato, Patiko and Moro hills.

Tochi Resort Beach: The Tochi Resort Beach is located about 20 kilometres south of Gulu town, Tochi beach is a low lying sandy bank of River Tochi.

Guruguru Caves: The caves are located about 25 kilometres north of Gulu town. They are said to have been used as safe haven during the Lamogi rebellion and historical inter-clan wars among the Luo.

Extend your trip to the far northeast and visit the wilderness Kidepo Valley National park with abundant wildlife and community encounter of the IK people.

Game drives in Kidepo valley National Park: This is an amazing activity that attracts tourists to come for Uganda safaris for the best view of the abundant wildlife. As you are carrying out the activity you will see different animals like the buffaloes, lions, elephants, leopards, ostrich and many others.

Birding in Kidepo: There are different types of birds that are seen as tourists walk around the area. The birding experience is so interesting and does not need energy hence making the tour to Uganda marvelous. Birds are always spotted at Apoka Rest Camp and on the boundaries of Namamukweny and also Narus Valleys.

Leisure walks and Hiking in Kidepo: Tourists can climb different mountains in Kidepo and at the peak they see different areas and wildlife hence an exciting experience while on a Uganda safari. The tourists also visit the areas around the park and interact with people around the area. This makes tourists feel at home as the people are lovely hence promoting more visits in Uganda.

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