Make Your Safari in East Africa-Uganda With Travel 256


Ever dream of seeing an elephant trumpeting its trunk, tree climbing lions in Ishasha, or a cheetah sprinting through the grasslands of Kidepo valley national park? An African safari is a thrilling chance to see wild animals going about their daily lives within their natural habitat. Uganda has a variety of national parks that offer adventurous opportunities to see wildlife up close. A lot of research and planning goes into getting a safari fully arranged, deciding what conservation area to visit, and finding transportation and accommodation.

The Ugandan safari generally caters to luxury tourists who have a quick vacation and decide to pre-book a packaged all-inclusive trip without thinking too much about the cost. The industry is not normally well-suited to long-term travelers on a tight budget.

Travel 256 Ltd offers safari packages for tourists who wish to sit back and not do any planning. These safari tours are very convenient and are worth the money if you don’t have the time to research or if you want to avoid potential hassles.

High-end package deals offer one price and generally cover everything from pickup to drop off (even from the airport), including food, fees, transportation, and lodging.

With a package tour company, you can either join a group with a pre-made itinerary (a great option for solo travelers), or you can customize a safari package with an itinerary to your liking. (This option works best if you are already traveling with a group.)

It’s possible to do a safari on your own, but it’s a lot more work. Here’s how you can organize your own safari:

Rent Your Own car for the safari to various places you wish to visit. All national parks allow you to drive your own vehicle. This opens up opportunities for saving some money as well as allowing for more flexibility in doing exactly what you want. You can rent a vehicle and drive yourself or rent a vehicle with a full-time driver included.

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