Tree Climbing Lions in Uganda, Africa, Ishasha Climbing Lions Safari Holiday


Ishasha is one tourist spot that is well known for its tree climbing lions in Uganda. On a Uganda safari, get a good glance of the tree climbing lions including the young and the older, the only place in Uganda that can offer this view is Ishasha plains of Queen Elizabeth Park. The lions spend the entire day climbing trees and some resting under the cool environment. It has a beautiful sight that you may not discover in the whole of Africa.

Truth be told, these lions are so scarce in Africa and once you are in Uganda or perhaps heading to Bwindi Impenetrable forest or Mweya area, you can brunch off and take a ride to the Ishasha plains and catch a glimpse of the gorgeous lions. The cars in the plains are less so as to give you a chance to enjoy driving as you take great photos, apart from the tree climbing lions, you will see other kinds of wildlife for instance antelopes, buffalo herds as well as numerous elephants as they graze for food. The area is acknowledged for having about 3 kinds of lions in the park; however there is no correct figure for the number of lions that occupy the park. Some people have guessed to around 45 lions and more.

The only place that you will discover these great tree climbing lions will be in the Sycamore Fig trees along with the Acacia trees. The beauty about these Sycamore Fig trees is that they provide enough shelter to the tree climbing lions more so during the rainy season. They are thick to give support to the lions.

So many people ask themselves why the Tree climbing lions love occupying the Sycamore Fig trees, the local people says that it’s cultural for the lions to climb trees while other people take it in this perspective that they are only avoiding insects that feast on them. Surprisingly these tree climbing lions can hide in the sycamore fig tree and the tourists may not get a chance to spot even one during their game drive. The only way of getting this avoided, is by having a guide under the Uganda Wildlife Authority. These are the best people to discover the hiding lions. Something to take note about the lions in Ishasha is the fact that the manes of the males are black. Apart from the tree climbing lions, you can certainly enjoy seeing the tree climbing Leopards at Ishasha. If there is anything that ought not to be missed, is the tree climbing lions, they have a beautiful sight that can be discovered in Ishasha Uganda and remember not in the whole of Africa.

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