Uganda Cuts Single Entry Tourist Visa Fee


The government of Uganda on Thursday said it cut down visa fees for foreigners intending to visit the country.

In a bid to promote tourism, the country has reduced visa fees from $100 to $50 with effect from 22nd July 2016, according to a statutory instrument issued by the Minister of internal Affairs.

A statement from Immigration Uganda also noted that ‘‘All Uganda borders have been notified to effect the change.”

According to Uganda Tourism Board chief executive Stephen Asiimwe, “the move is aimed at promoting Uganda’s tourism sector as we implement the newly introduced e-visa where we require applicants to apply, have their visas approved with notifications sent to them and visas issued at the respective borders and embassies.”

However, the fee reductions apply for single entry (tourist) visa. The other visa categories fees remain unchanged, clarified the UTB boss.

Multiple entry and the East African Tourist Visa fees have not changed and remain $100 which must be applied online in advance as of July 31, 2016.

Travel 256 would like to notify their valued trade partners that guests wishing to visit Uganda must now apply for Uganda visas must be applied for in advance using the E-Visa by following this link

Step 1: Choose the type of visa: “Ordinary” (single entry) and East Africa Tourist Visa are the most common.

Step 2: Fill out the requested personal and travel information. Travel 256 office address is required in the form: Travel 256, 3rd Floor Najja Shopping Center, Plot 345 Kampala–Entebbe Road, and P.O Box 33137 Kampala Uganda. Office Tel: +256-758660020 or Mobile Tel: +256-701367970.
Tel: +256 -414-320-121 or +256-772-642-527

Step 3: Upload clear copies of current passport, yellow fever certificate and a passport photo. For an East Africa Tourist visa, a travel itinerary and proof of return ticket must also be submitted.

Step 4: Once the online application form is completed and submitted, the applicant will receive a bar-coded email notification of approval. This can take 3 or more days. Once received, this bar-coded email should be printed and brought to Uganda for presentation upon arrival.

Upon arrival at any border (entry point), the bar-coded email along with passport and original yellow fever certificate must be presented. The Immigration officer will scan the bar-code, take fingerprints and a photograph and collect the $50 visa fee. The visa will be printed and pasted into the passport.

NOTE: The online system and obtaining visas on arrival are working CONCURRENTLY. Visas will be available on arrival until July 31, 2016. After this date, all visas must be obtained online using the E-Visa system.

Uganda is East Africa best destination offering a variety of tourism experiences, ranging from a portfolio of wildlife, culture, mountaineering and nightlife. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home to more than half of the world’s endangered mountain gorillas, Queen Elizabeth National park alone is home to over 600 species of birds, the largest checklist of any protected area in East Africa while Kibale National park with 13 species of primates including chimpanzee, Ugandan Mangabey, L’Hoest’s and Ugandan red Colobus monkey, is the Primate Capital of the World.

The world’s best rafting experience on the world’s longest river, specific niche markets like religious pilgrimages and a new bouquet of experimental tourism such as the Mongoose project, and lion tracking with researchers in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda is indeed on the path to becoming a destination of choice for foreign tourists.

The country’s tourist map according to Tourism Uganda is split into the Central, Southern, Eastern and Northern destinations and tourists have a range of flora and fauna, lakes and rivers and eco-tourism sites to choose from.

Uganda’s biggest trade mark is the rare endangered mountain gorillas which can only be found in 2 other destinations in the entire world half of them are permanent residents of Uganda.

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