Ugandan Rolex Snack On Your Self Drive – City Tour.


No, this isn’t about watches; Rolex is a favorite street snack or light meal that is distinctly Ugandan, easily found in the all towns centres in Uganda. Its name is derived by saying “roll of eggs” quickly in a Luganda accent, though they are better known as Rolex instead of as rolls of eggs.

A Rolex is endemic to Uganda, it is a snack influenced by the Asian community who came to East Africa in the late 19th century to build the railway, and stayed. One of the few culinary skills locals picked from them is the chapatti, a simple pancake made of flour but no egg. Ugandans seem to have missed the egg, so the Rolex was innovated: a combination of a chapatti, vegetables and eggs. Other ingredients can be added depending on how you wish your taste to be.

On your Uganda city tour, you can pass by a vendor normally in temporary housing under the shade of an umbrella with a pan, chop board and egg trays for you to get one Rolex as quickie snack. A Rolex is commonly made of two eggs but others may go to even 5 as long as wish though the common guideline is no more than 3 eggs per day, however, science is not conclusive. If there is ever a global study about it, Uganda will be an amazing location.

Preparing a Ugandan Rolex.

You need eggs, cabbage, pepper, onion, tomato, carrot and chapatti

Chop the cabbage, slice the onions, grate carrot, chop pepper, add chopped tomatoes, crack two eggs, add salt and then stir to mix.

The pan is on fire, put cooking oil, pour the mixture, after a few seconds turn carefully, add the chapatti then remove from heat. Add tomatoes, salt and chill to taste, then roll your Rolex

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