Ssese Islands Tour On Lake Victoria


Ssese Islands is an archipelago of 84 islands in northern part of Lake Victoria Uganda second largest fresh water in the word. Bugala Island is the largest island with a district town council kalangala. The island is inhabited by Bantu speaking people known as Basese with most influential spiritual beliefs in the region. Down along the shores of the lake is a series of beautiful Resort Beach offering accommodation.

Accommodation at Ssese Islands. Revel in the comfort of our beautifully appointed Ssese accommodation. Enjoy the ocean view from Brovad Sands Lodge. Take pleasure in the exclusive amenities only available in the newly built Ssese islands Resort hotel. These exquisite Ssese accommodations offer the perfect mix of Ssese Island hospitality and thoughtful features.

Activities On The Ssese Islands.

Island Drive. A wonderful exploration of 84 islands one can be able to view different islands with fantastic sceneries. Large plantations of palm trees, fishing farm with huge Nile perch, the longest historical palm trees planted by Idi Amin Dad the then president of Uganda (1971-79) where he proposed to construct an army military in Bugala Island. You can also visit the other ferry landing side Bukakata where most of trading goods and services are linked to the main land. Also discover a natural small scale ancestral forest with large sign post giving warning and instructions that no one is allowed in the forest without the instructions. This forest is believed to belong to the Buganda kingdom where the stick of leadership is cut.

Forest Guided Walk. This is an interesting activity which is usually carried out early in the morning and evening, due to mystical factors related to the taboo in the myth of ancestral spirits in the region. Most of unique bird species are easily seen during this time before they start flying away in the thick forest .A discovery of a stone age traditional house build by Dr. John speak in 1896 when he was exploring in E. Africa and discovering the source of River Nile. You will come across various species of primates and antelopes with the visit to the historical caves

Canoeing & Sport Fishing. This is done any time of the day depending on the weather which causes the lake waves. With the guide by the local fishermen within the region a group or individual can sail along and enjoy within shores of the lake and enjoy while doing sport fishing with fishing hooks. Tilapia & Nile perch mostly can easily be hooked up especially when the lake waves are calm.

Boat Ride. Brovad Sands Lodge provide speed boat ride charged at extra fee,where by  group or a couple can be able to tour along the nearby islands like Bukasa, Buvuma and koome each of them with unique sceneries. Most of the islands are believed to be the source of myth and traditional values of the Ssese island associated with many cave surrounded by big tall trees some with protruding breast shedding water which is believed to be tears from ancestral spirits when they are pleased off.

Cycling. Ssese Islands Resort Beach provides Quad bikes and mountain bikes to tourists for cycling. You can visit the community with the help of local tour guide and also visit the ferry landing side Bukakata.

Evening Swimming. The fresh water lake in Ssese Island is tested bilharzia free. When touring Ssese Islands, you are always advised by Travel 256 to carry their swimming costumes all the time to enjoy swimming along the lake shores near the beach lines.

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