Hiring A 4X4 Off-Road Experience in Uganda Car Hire


In the car hire industry in Uganda, Off-roading tends to refer to driving that is done on roads that are not tarmacked, that is roads that have a loose top surface of gravel or dust rather than tarmac. These kind of roads are usually outside the peri-urban circumference of a city or major towns in Uganda. Most of these roads have no safety barriers, are narrow and prove challenging especially in the rainy season.

A reputable and professional car rental company will always inform the client about the company policy governing driving off-road. This should be clearly stated in the rental agreement and if not in a schedule. It is important to also be honest about where you intend to drive as all rental cars have a tracking system and the rental company will know if you lied about off-road driving.

Some rental companies in Kenya do not allow off-road driving. Always perform a check before hiring the car as you may be forced to pay unreasonable demands later. The reason most car rental companies do not allow off-road driving is because the loose surface can easily damage a rental car.

When planning an off-road experience in Uganda always check whether you can hire a 4X4 car on a self-drive. Share the route with the rental company so that they are aware in advance that you will be driving off-road and the potential kilometers you will cover off-road. If you are really want to experience Uganda’s vast countryside, Rift valley and Plains on a 4WD, we often recommend that you hire a driver or if you want a safari experience you book a 4WD off-road adventure.

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