Easy Car Rental Services in Kampala


Kampala city is the Capital of Uganda and a home to the only Baha’I temple in Africa, best hotels, clubs, modern and ancient architecture, religious and cultural sites and the diversity of cultures. Kampala is located in the south central region of Uganda. The various attractions in Kampala make it a perfect holiday hotspot. As tourism plays a very important role, all the facilities and features for the safety and well-being of the tourists are properly looked after. Just like any other part of Uganda, people visiting Kampala too prefer to hire a car, so that they can enjoy a relaxed and comfortable holiday.

Hence, the car rental Kampala is well developed and can be seen in most of the places allover Uganda. We maintain many varieties and types of cars to suit the vivid and varied requirements of tourists or visitors. Even the local residences of Kampala depend on the cars provided by Kampala car rental service that are well maintained and in good working conditions. The rates charged vary from cheap car rental to expensive ones depending on the car fleet that you wish to use.

At Travel 256 we have the most cheap car rentals in Kampala that are efficient in providing the best travel experience in Uganda at the most affordable rates.

By booking with us you can easily be availed with the cheapest car hire in Kampala. If you browse through the internet you will come across different car rental services in Kampala. By making your bookings with a well reputed car rental company like Travel 256 will enable you to enjoy your holiday to its best. Hence go ahead and make your bookings with Rent a Car Uganda  by sending us an email at info@travel256.com or info@rentacaruganda.com. Alternatively, you can call our travel consultant now on +256701367970