Hiring a Self Drive Car Uganda? 4 must know things

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Going on a Trip? Love driving? Why not hire a Self-drive car!

Self-drive cars are a concept much loved for their convenience, privacy and flexibility. You go in to a self-drive car lot and come out with a car of your choice within a few minutes. Remember hiring a self-drive convertible or four Wheel Drive and drive around Kampala in less time.

The Self-drive car industry in Uganda is on a rapid growth due to its associated benefits that most of Uganda travelers opt to use during their trips in Uganda. We have prepared a list of 6 things that we believe you must check and do before hiring a self-drive in order to have a smooth experience:

  1. Check car condition thoroughly, it may seem common but very crucial. You may be delayed by a few things and such as delays at the airport terminal which is not budgeted and you end up tired and harried and just want to take the car and be on your way. However, it is very important that you check the exterior, interiors and the underneath of the car before taking delivery. Take photos with your mobile phone if possible. Make sure everything in the interiors works including the music system etc. Check the underneath of the car for any visible damage. Also, make sure that you report to the car hire company every bump, scratch, etc properly.
  2. Check the validity papers – Ensure the following papers are in the car:
  3. Registration certificate
  4. Valid insurance
  5. All Uganda Permit

Remember you may need an International or Ugandan licence to use self-drive vehicles. Therefore, we advise you to carry your original license at all times.

  1. Compare not just the cost of renting the car, but also a company’s policy in the unfortunate case of the car meeting with an accident. While some companies insist on you paying for the full damages post insurance claim, there are others that limit your liability to a maximum cost. So pick your service provider carefully.
  2. Fuel – Most companies have a policy of delivering a vehicle with no fuel in the tank or otherwise. This is a good practice and ensures that when you return the vehicle as it was provided to you. Depending on a fuel gauge for measuring fuel can be tricky and can lead to lot of avoidable heartburn. You may insist on a full tank before taking delivery which can also be arranged.

With this check list you are now ready to go on a beautiful self-drive trip. Be alert when you drive, concentrate on the road and mostly importantly do not drink and drive. Happy Journey! And remember to come back to Travel256.com and let us know about your trip experience!

Interested in making a self-drive trip in Uganda, just contact us by sending us an email on info@rentacaruganda.com or call us on +256-701367970. Readily waiting to serve you…