Must See Tourist Attractions While on A Self-Drive Tour In Jinja

jinja-tours-headerSource of the Nile is a long river flowing northwards regarded as the world’s longest river measuring 4258 miles shared by eleven countries on the eastern side of the African continent namely Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Eritrea, South Sudan and North Sudan. The Nile continues its journey to North Africa until it pours into the Mediterranean Sea. River Nile is divided into major tributaries namely; the Blue Nile and White Nile. Of the two, the White Nile is longer with its source still undetermined but may be located in either Rwanda or Burundi but as per now the known source is at Lake Victoria where the Victoria Nile starts its journey northwards. In Uganda, the Nile starts its journey at the Jinja Ripon falls as a the Victoria Nile flowing northwards into Lake Kyoga flowing through Masindi and Murchison falls park until it reaches Lake Albert forming the infamous River delta. It then leaves Lake Albert as the Albert Nile which flows all through northern Uganda crossing borders into south Sudan, then flows to Sudan and through Egypt pouring into the Mediterranean Sea.

The Bujagali Falls: Yourself drive trip in Jinja will lead you the famous Bujagali falls. Bujagali falls was a popular waterfall in Jinja where the River Nile begins its journey from Lake Victoria and some consider this point as the real source of the Nile. However the waterfalls were submerged by the dam constructed by the government in 2011. Though this dam was constructed to increase power generation around Uganda, it affected tourism around the area and most conservationists and tourism bodies came out in protest against the dam’s setup on one of the most popular falls in Eastern Uganda. Bujagali falls is believed to be home to a local spirit called Bujagali which is embodied in an old local spiritualist’s body who is the ninth person to be possessed by this spirit. He is occasionally seen doing rituals on the edge of the falls.

Kagulu hills: With Jinja car rental services, you can explore the Kagulu hills located 64 Kilometers north of Kamuli town.  The hills and caves are believed to be the home of the ancestral spirits of the Busoga Kings.  Climbing the main Kagulu hill, that is about 10,000 feet above sea level, and camping on top of it are an exciting experience to tourists and excursionists.

Wako Zibondo’s Palace: Situated in Kaliro district in East Uganda is the palace of Ezekieri Wako Zibondo IX, one of the most powerful Kings of Busoga Kingdom . The palace was built way back in 1930 for Wako Zibondo during his reign which lasted between 1893 and 1952. The magnificent architectural cultural designs combined with its rich history have made this one of the best attractions in Kaliro. Located just 70 km from Jinja town, this is definitely an attraction worth visiting.

Namasagali pier is located on River Nile, about 25 kilometers West of Kamuli town. The Pier was built by the British colonial government as part of the infrastructure intended to facilitate movement of cotton and coffee produce from rural areas of Busoga region to Jinja town for processing or export. The Pier areas, abandoned since closure of the marine and rail transport services, are suitable for various tourism-related activities. The activities may include camping, excursions, canoeing and sport fishing.

Bugenge historical site is located a few kilometers from Kaliro town and is one of the most popular attractions in the northern part of this town. The site is home to the grave of the first Babiito chief (Lamogi) of the ancient Bunyoro dynasty, near his grave the chief’s escort locally known as Mukama. Make a trip to these graves and learn about the rich history of the Babiito who were believed to be the first people to migrate to Uganda.

Jinja sailing club is one of Jinja’s plushest restaurants and bar strategically located on the shores of Lake Victoria; Africa’s largest lake. The beautiful lush gardens, fully stocked bar and restaurant combined with stunning views of the lake make this place a perfect spot for family retreats and parties and conference meetings. Plans are underway to initiate a sunset cruise on the Lake.

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