Explore The Amazing Eastern Region on a Self-Drive Trip – Mbale Tours

Uganda eastern region is endowed with plenty of natural attractions that will leave you wishing to visit again. The region has a diverse culture with distinct rituals performed for many hundreds of years that you can explore on your self drive. The renowned Imbalu ceremony of the Bagisu also known as Bamasaba which is a ritual that turns boys into men. The eastern region has the world’s largest mountain caldera on Mount Elgon which is a gazette as a National park for both Uganda and Kenya.

Mount Elgon National park

The 1,145 sq. km Mount Elgon National Park, includes the shell of an extinct volcano, although hot springs still bubble on the caldera floor, on the border with Kenya. Its highest peak, Wagagai, is 4,321 m above sea level, making it the fourth highest mountain in East Africa. The rugged slopes, with their spectacular waterfalls, caves, hot springs and mountain vegetation, make this a wonderful and exciting area to explore. The animals found in the park include buffalo, duiker, tree hyrax and leopard. Elephants have recently returned to the area from Kenya and there are many primates. The birdlife includes Ross’ Turaco, hornbills, and the Crowned Eagle.

The Imbalu ceremony

The practice is also mandatory among the Bamasaba and the absconders are always hunted down and circumcised involuntarily. This is a very memorable event across the eastern region especially in the areas occupied by the Bagisu as it also involves much of dancing commonly known as Kadodi their famous and many other great feats. This ceremony also occurs every even year and it’s so interesting especially on a Uganda safari to the eastern region of the country.

The sipi falls

Sipi Falls Uganda Kapchorwa is a district in the Eastern part of Uganda where the Sipi falls are located. The other known neighboring districts in relation to the Sipi falls are Sironko and Mbale. As you move towards the Kenyan boarder, there lies the Mount Elgon National Park and it is at its edge that you will embrace the Sipi waterfalls. A series of three of these waterfalls make up the Sipi falls.

Bull fighting

Renting a  car in Uganda enables you to witness Bull fighting which is the most unique tourist attractions in eastern Uganda scheduled on every fortunate on Saturday. Namasho playing field near Bulucheke secondary school is where the fights happen, though places like Nabukasala in Bushika Sub County have also recently instituted their own bull fights. The day designated for the fights is Saturday but fortnightly. Perhaps as a pointer to the grueling bull fights that have unfolded in Namasho, there are apertures all over the playground. I braved the chilly and misty weather on the March 28 to stand a free treat of the spectacle. Bull fighting enthusiasts from different parts of Bududa had gathered in droves despite the cold weather. No one seemed to care about a seat. You either stood or missed out on the action. The enthusiasts sung traditional war songs and hoisted their twigs as they waited for the fights to commence.

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