Tips For Driving In The National Parks

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Uganda is one of the best countries to rent a car and explore the nature, culture and its untouched beauty. Driving on your own through the parks gives a great sense of adventure and excitement. Below are the driving tips to keep it safe and make your time in Uganda unforgettable.

The early Morning Safari

Most of the wildlife are early grazers and it’s extra-important for you to wake-up very early and prepare for a game drive. Don’t be afraid of breakfast in the park because most of the lodges are used to early morning services to the guests who wish to go for morning game drives and they serve from as early as 5:30AM in the morning.  An early game drive in your own hired will give you an advantage of spotting wildlife at your own pace.

Driving speed in the park

On you self-drive trip in the Parks, you are NOT allowed to exceed 40km/h and this Must be observed for the safety of both the traveler and the wildlife. Even if there is no wild animal visible to you, never speed up and avoid using the horn. Some animals like the elephants do not like noise and it is risky to use the horn, so AVOID IT.  When you encounter an elephant on the road, do the following: Make sure you have a clear route to drive away if necessary, always leave your engine running, stay calm, keep your voices down and most of all enjoy the experience! During the dame drive in the park, you can see most of the wildlife only if you are driving not faster than 15km/h and this gives you a great opportunity to distinguish the different wild species.

Bush camping in Uganda’s National Park

Bush camping is the true safari experience. Rent a car and get a thrilling opportunity to be more immersed into the wild on a bush camp within in the National Parks. You can either use the facilities of designated UWA campsites or find your own spot in the wilderness with the guidance of an UWA ranger. You can arrange this at the entrance or headquarters in the parks. You need to bring your own food and water. The UWA ranger will help you to find a great spot to pitch your tent, make a fire, and will safeguard your tent at night. Rest assured no toilets, shower or other guests.

Get yourself a Ranger Guide

For the best safari in a rented car in Uganda, it is advisable to take an UWA guide with you on one of your game drives. These rangers know every corner of the parks and can lead you to the best places to spot predators such as lions. The UWA ranger/guide can be booked from the entrance gate of the park, and they will accompany you in your car and guide you through the plains and bushes.

Ask for the Guide where to spot particular specie.

Making your trip to the park justifies that you are interested in seeing wildlife and personally a specific specie. So, go ahead and ask the ranger/guide where and how to spot a specific specie because most of the wildlife predators hide-away in tall grass just ready for ambushing an antelope. If you don’t have a ranger with you, ask UWA staff at the entrance gates, other people at the campsite or drivers that you meet within the park if they have seen anything. And this applies to you telling others you meet where you have spotted something for the best experience!

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